What I do?

I’m Alexandra – a boutique travel designer, based in Lisbon, Portugal.

Wonder why the name of the site is Hortense travel? Hortense translates from Portuguese to hydrangea – this beautiful flower that grows in Portugal, famous for it is the Azores’  island of Faial. Also, the hydrangea was part of my wedding flower arrangement which made me fall in love with it. 

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Who’s it for?

You want to sleep in chic accommodation, eat at the best restaurants and have awesome activities.  Hire me and I’ll design the ultimate travel experience tailored to you.

Why it’s special?

You have the chance to work with a personal travel designer that will fully acknowledge your personality, preferences, and budget when planning. I work with a handful of carefully picked partners, but I’m flexible enough to find what’s best for you. 

Why choose me?

I’m a passionate travel professional. My service-centric mind comes from my educational background. I have studied 2 years for a Higher Diploma in Hospitality Management in Lucerne, Switzerland. I finished my Bachelor Degree in Hotel and Business Management at AIM, Paris (2nd Best Hotel School in France). I am a native Bulgarian speaker, I also speak fluent English, and Portuguese, and have conversational German and French knowledge. Now I’m studying Japanese, so wish me luck. I have worked with guests, as I love to call my clients, since 2010 in the area of hotel management and travel design. I’m based in Lisbon, Portugal and I’ve traveled to many countries in Europe and Asia. However, at the moment, I’m specialized in Portugal, Spain, Italy, France, Switzerland, and Japan.

How it works?

You contact me at least two weeks before your trip. We have a Skype session where we talk about your preferences and help you imagine your perfect journey. Then, I’ll outline a complete itinerary made especially for you. It’ll include all the accommodation, transportation, daily activities, suggested tours, dining and entertainment options. Also, I’ll send you all the small details you will need to keep in mind. So you won’t have to worry about anything during your trip, or probably one thing – which filters to use for your Instagram post.

What to do next?

I’m here to help you plan an unforgettable trip.

In order to work together on your experience, choose what’s the most relevant option for you:

Let me plan your trip – A tailored to You experience

Ready to Use 1 Week Portugal Itineraries – The itineraries cover the highlights of Portugal such as Lisbon, Porto, Douro, Algarve. At the moment you have 4 options to choose from and they are all public transport only.

The Local’s Lisbon Guide – Lisbon like you won’t find it in any other guide available


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