The Best 1-Week Japan Itinerary for First-timers




What’s included in the itinerary

  • 3 Full days in Kyoto
  • 4 Full days in Tokyo
So that you have enough time to fully immerse in these amazing cities. 
  • All difficult or tricky public transportation listed + alternative taxi costs so that you never get lost
  • The best way to get to and from the international airports 
  • Comprehensive Daily Itinerary divided  by Morning/ Afternoon/ Evening so that you get the most of it
  • List of restaurants for each area that you’re visiting so that you’ll never be hungry or search for too long
  • Bonus days so that you can escape the crowds in the most critical but stunning seasons:
    • Kyoto during Fall foliage
    • Tokyo during Cherry blossom
  • Recommendations for tours, experiences and food markets so you can get the best that Japan has to offer
  • Answer questions like: “Is the JR pass worth it?” so that you can save money. The answer will help you pay my itinerary more than 8 times, based on 2 people traveling together.
Get this ready to use itinerary and stop the overwhelm from all the information out there.

Save time and money on your planning process. Did you know that the average trip takes about 40 hours to plan in detail? That’s a whole workweek.

Rely on first-hand knowledge – mine and of my partners

A structured way to help you plan your trip to Japan. Use all of it or just parts of it, change the days, cut, copy-paste activities, whatever you want. Or just follow it and enjoy your stay. It’s up to you. 

All this for just 19.90$ UDS.

Have a peek what’s inside

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