Southern Beauty – 1 Week Portugal Itinerary – Lisbon – Algarve


This itinerary walks you from Lisbon’s breathtaking viewpoints and steep streets to the relaxed town of Lagos in an Algarve that keeps its rustic charm



This itinerary walks you from Lisbon’s breathtaking viewpoints and steep streets to the relaxed town of Lagos in an Algarve that keeps its rustic charm. Prepare yourself to be awed by the beauty of the country.

It includes 4 Nights in Lisbon and 3 nights in Lagos. (arrival and departure from Lisbon)
It will give you the daily program divided by

Lunch and Dinner restaurants are covered. It also leaves you with some time for spontaneity.
Day trips to Sintra and Benagil cave are included and will make your experience even more amazing.

You can follow the itinerary completely or just parts of it or use it as an inspiration for activities to do. Whatever suits you best.

Southern Beauty - 1 Week Portugal Itinerary

Southern Beauty - 1 Week Portugal ItinerarySouthern Beauty - 1 Week Portugal Itinerary

About the 1 Week Itineraries

Finally an easy and budget-friendly way to prepare a journey of a lifetime.

There’s nothing more exciting than researching you trip, but there’s always something that doesn’t click. Make sense of it all with these 1-week Portugal itineraries. Get the help of a professional travel adviser for the fraction of the cost.

Southern Beauty - 1 Week Portugal Itinerary

Enjoying the picture perfect Lisbon’s viewpoints, tasting Port wine in centuries old estate while marvelling the Douro unique landscape, discovering monuments, exploring lush vegetation gardens, SUP-ing the Algarve seas, getting lost in small streets, experiencing a completely different reality. This is just a part of what Portugal has to offer and you’ll find it all inside the 1-week itineraries.

  • Are looking to have the time of your life in Portugal, relying on public transport only and want to make sense of it all
  • Want to know exactly how much time to spend at each place and what to do there
  • Don’t want to spend countless hours researching online or reading old Tripadvisor threads just to find yourself right where you started
  • Don’t want or have the opportunity to hire a travel adviser to plan the trip for you
  • Still want to be involved in your trip planning, but need a push in the right direction

Southern Beauty - 1 Week Portugal Itinerary

I made the itineraries for you, because I’m just like you.

A classic millennial that relies almost exclusively on the internet for planning my trip.

But after making several trips abroad, I’ve always wished that there were some comprehensive itineraries out there that give me all the relevant details of the trip planning.

For my last trip to Japan, I’ve even used a well known brand of printed guides. And it wasn’t beautiful, rather stressful, having to flip back and forward all the time and complete my research on the internet.

Southern Beauty - 1 Week Portugal Itinerary

  • 7 Night/ 8 Day trips divided into morning, afternoon and evening leaving you flexible enough to decide your own hours, but giving you a solid direction to follow
  • Each day is carefully crafted to make sense of exploring, help you avoid crowds and burn-out
  • Google Maps – all walks are mapped out, easy peasy right?
  • Everything is one click away – from train and bus schedule to activities and specific restaurant recommendations, you’ll find all the useful links inside. Never wonder how to get from point A to point B and where to go to dinner today, just follow the suggestions.
  • Easily Portable even with reduced baggage allowance, whereas you might not have space for a traditional guide, but you always do for your smartphone and tablet. Hey, and if you have, just bring your favourite vacation time reading.

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