This Lisbon guide is like a friend showing you around the city

Hi, I’m Alexandra. I’ve lived in Lisbon since 2012 and fell in love with the city of light immediately. I’ve been here long enough to see it grow its tourism exponentially. Ever since I’m on the hunt for the best spots to visit while escaping the crowds. 

I’m offering you my secrets through this guide which was co-created by my husband Bruno – an authentic “alfacinha” (means salad – this is what Lisbon borns call themselves). We’re sure it’ll help you organize a trip of a lifetime.



What's Included
  • Easy to follow 3 full days itinerary
  • A 1 day off the beaten path itinerary
  • Google maps
  • Unforgettable day trips with precise information how to get to them and what to do there
  • Useful advice incl. public transport
  • TOP 5 restaurants according to budget and cuisine style
  • TOP 5 bars, rooftops, museum, etc.
  • Much more

Why Buy this Guide
  • No fluff, just actionable info so that it saves you good amount of time organizing
  • User friendly design
  • Public transport exclusively, so that you’re sure you won’t need a car, hint: driving in Lisbon is a tedious task
  • Use it on you phone or tablet, or just print it out and bring each day with you for greater convenience
  • It fits in any pocket or even a clutch and it doesn’t scream tourist like the traditional guides
  • Future access to regular updates, so when you visit next time, you’ll be sure everything will go as smoothly
  • You’ll find hidden gems of the city and escape the tourist traps
  • From cheap eats to fine dining – the guide has it all
  • It’ll cut your research and organizing time with 90%
Lisbon is a city of contrasts

Actually it’s more like a village and less like a modern metropolis. 

Here days go by slower than at other places in the world.

Imagine yourself amidst the contrast of the red roofs with deep blue of river Tejo,
or the colourful tiles that build this museum city with the white-washed pavement, the flats and the hills, the wine and the lemonade. History, heritage and modern design, traditional and innovative cuisine, hot days and cool nights await you in the city of contrasts. 

                                                                                                                                                                                              Ready to Travel to Lisbon?
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