The Tailored Itinerary 

The Tailored Itinerary  - Hortense Travel

Let’s face it, you have better things to do than spending more time on your travel planning than the actual trip itself. I’m here to do that for you.


This service is for you if you
  • know that you want to go to Portugal, have checked some blogs and magazines, but haven’t thought of an itinerary yet
  • you don’t have time to plan the trip, you want someone else to do the heavy lifting for you – find the perfect hotel, restaurant, tour and activity, and fit them into a simple itinerary
  • you are conscious of your budget, but you want no hostels, this is a trip of a lifetime after all, charming boutique stays will do, as long as you can splurge on experiences
  • or you want to relax and it’s all about the hotel facilities

Most important of all, you want to make sure that everything will click together so you  can have the time of your life.

Then here is what I’ll do for you
  • Have you fill in a short questionnaire to determine the type of traveler you and your partner/s are and how you can make the most of your trip to Portugal.
  • Have one 45-minute skype session with me where we will discuss your potential itinerary, I’ll give some suggestions and you’ll give me your feedback. Next in I’ll send you within 2 business days an outlined itinerary.
  • Have one more 45-minute skype session with me – where you can ask me anything you have doubts about after our first talk and after you saw the suggested itinerary . I’ll listen to you so I can fine-tune it and finalize it.
  • In 2 business days you’ll receive the finalized day-by-day itinerary which will include: the exact hotels, restaurants, tours or other services to book, their contacts and any special instructions, plus the must-see places for the each day.
  • Alternative to the skype session: My working hours might not be convenient for you, so we can communicate entirely with emails. Email process is the following: In the 1st email I’ll send you the questionnaire. In the second a potential itinerary/ies based on your preferences and you’ll give me your feedback. Then I’ll send you the finalized itinerary, you’ll give me your feedback if it’s OK or it needs more fine-tuning. After that it’s time to make your bookings. This is more an outline than a rule, if you have any questions between these emails, I’ll be happy to answer, of course. Estimated time to answer emails is within 48h.
  • Follow-ups – If you encounter any problem while booking any of the advised establishments or activities, I’m there to help at no extra cost.

Convinced? Contact me now to schedule an appointment. Let’s plan this trip together!

From 149€/ 159$/ 129£


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